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30th November 2001, 09:11
I hate myself...

for being a lazy, no-good fat bastard..

I have exam in about one and a half hours..
Yet Ï managed to spent the whole night surfing then I overslept and then I'm back online again.

Why am I so stupid?

30th November 2001, 09:15
Because we all are. :rolleyes:
Don't feel so bad about it, myself, I'm a lazy bitch. :rolleyes:
It is in the human nature to be lazy, to find the easiest way out..

1st December 2001, 01:29
How did your test go?

~ Missy

1st December 2001, 07:37
Whenever I had very important test in either college o High School I never studied for them, I knew the material by doing the homework and taking notes, but never really studied for any test at all and still did real well on them. :)

1st December 2001, 17:45
You sound jus like me weedsatan.Well except for the fat part.:D
I have an exam day after.I havent prepared one bit.BTW the exam is in calculus n trig.*sigh*

2nd December 2001, 00:28
well i usually wouldnt, but since its you..;)

sounds like what im gonna be like in a few weeks when my exams come:D

2nd December 2001, 20:18
I don't really know how it went, I did ok I think...

I threw facts and all this non important stuff at the guy so well maybe he got the idea I studied it so well ..we'll see..

Not that I care anyways...


Bilbo Baggins
2nd December 2001, 20:28
Weed, you are not lazy.
Weed you are the man. Without you, PP would have no porn, and i would have no-one to laugh about parties and certain smokables with :)

Weed, you are THE MAN!

2nd December 2001, 21:26
Weed rules, my favorite PP poster. I like the ones who give out the porn.

3rd December 2001, 05:25
But you two only think with your d***s so you don't count.. As long as I post yummy pics at PP, I'm your god.. When i don't visit for a month (cuz I'm at home = no freaking internet) then I all of a sudden just someone..

I know you guys..


Bilbo Baggins
3rd December 2001, 09:16
Weed, i do not think you are a good poster just because you stick a few plastic titties onto PP. You are a good poster because everyone gets on with you, you are funny, you always make light of situations.

Titties aren't everything ;)

3rd December 2001, 09:40
Yeah, just listen to me! :D
I'm not all that into porn ya know, and I still like you, you know. :p
(Yeah. I a non-gayish way. :p)

Keep it up. :)

Bilbo Baggins
3rd December 2001, 09:46
Originally posted by jns
Keep it up. :)

I do baby, i do... :D

3rd December 2001, 10:01
Oh well, to except less than that comment would be foolish.
Bilbo is, after all, still Bilbo. :D

3rd December 2001, 14:53
Oh I'm touched..

A freak of nature and a spammer like me.. :p

now guess who's who?

I love you guys...

3rd December 2001, 15:00
Originally posted by weedsatan
Oh I'm touched..

Don't stand so close to Bilbo:p

3rd December 2001, 15:03
I've got the English channel between me and Bilbs..And I'm planning to keep it that way! :p

Bilbo Baggins
3rd December 2001, 21:19
It is amazing what i can do with my penis.

4th December 2001, 08:00
Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins
It is amazing what i can do with my penis.

Stay out of Scandinavia with that one! :eek::p

4th December 2001, 14:51
Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins
It is amazing what i can do with my penis.

Slice a bread with it?

5th December 2001, 17:44
Originally posted by weedsatan

fuck me!

Oh-oh, you said the f-word :o :D

Everybody screws up once in a while... Especiall when it comes down to studying and such...

Providing porn does make you popular though... :D