View Full Version : but or a "bad feature" in all 2.x winamps

2nd December 2001, 22:21
:eek: when i pause on a song, then skip to a new one random or normal and then unpause it won't play. Winamp doesn't crash but stall and no other song can be played until i restart winamp again.

It happened so far in every winamp since I started using it over 2 years ago even in 2.78 but :) ;) it doesn't happen in winamp 3 beta 2.

It's not a big deal but just thought you might want to know

Try repeating this and see if it happens
play, pause, >>next song, unpause- winamp won't play anymore songs?
:( :) :o ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek:

anyways winamp kicks ass on all levels especially winamp3

2nd December 2001, 22:25

Hitting next on a paused song just starts playing the next song

System Specs?
- Hardware?
- OS?
Latest DirectX? Latest Sound Drivers?
What output plug-in are you using? (waveOut or DirectSound)

Troubleshooter Guides:

2nd December 2001, 22:35
the possible reason for this is that i'm using the nullsoft crossfader in winamp 2.x

but it's not the hardware or software becuase this happened on few other machines and win98 as well as me

but then again it could all be the way i personally specify the buffers and other options in winamp.

it'll try it on my friends pc next time.

i think it's the crossfader but thanks