View Full Version : Laserlight preset??

9th December 2001, 13:27
Hi there,

i´m seraching for a preset that moves to the music and looks like a laserlight.
Does anybody know where to find such a preset?

Thanks alot.

Sebastian from Germany

10th December 2001, 02:17
Get Zylot's Colour Of Music preset
change the wave type to 0
change the mystery parameter to -0.5
change the size to 100

if you want better, fiddle around a bit.

- Krash

10th December 2001, 12:39
Thanks for your help.

Searched the forum for this preset, but i can´t find it.
Do you know where to find "Colours Of Music"?

Thanks alot.

10th December 2001, 12:43
i just found it in CREAMZYLOT.ZIP