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31st March 2002, 03:48
ok, i made a bunch of presets that are 10x better than my meltdown pack. i think that i can possibly get 4 1/2 out of 5 stars if i keep this up. well, if iLove can, anything can. anyway, tell me what you think. i apreciate getting ripped on, so tear away. everything (besides the bmp's) is 100% mine, so don't even try to accuse me of copying.

extract the pics (both of which aren't mine, i give proper credit in the comments of the presets that use them) to the winamp/plugins/avs directory. put the avs's in winamp/plugins/avs/new folder

give me some feed back yo.

31st March 2002, 07:18
Well, my favourite is posessed. (I still think Second Reality is one of the best demos ever)

I wouldn't mind seeing something more happening in sphere. The flipping back and fort doesn't do it for me, it needs something else.

There's my two cents.

31st March 2002, 16:54
here ya go.... a little more beat responsive and definately a lot more interesting...

1st April 2002, 00:19
Yeah, definately more interesting. I'm not a huge fan of sdden cuts though. It makes me harder to please on beat responsiveness.

I took out the onbeat stuff and made gave i a sine value. Only problem is it loses beat responsiveness.

1st April 2002, 02:38
only thing is when the texture switches directions, it looks really crappy.. i'm gona try to fix it right now.

2nd April 2002, 19:13
hey i fixed it. all i had to do was dissaciate the actual plotting of x with the sin(a) so that way it wouldnt get all stretched out when sin(a) got really close to zero. and i changed the bg too... tell me what you think about the new one.

3rd April 2002, 06:12
I like it alot. :D

I found the white a bit bright though, so I made the bg colour a dark green and a fade from yellow on beat. I upped the gridsize and turned down the alpha in an attemp to fix some bleeding at the edges on the sphere, perhaps it the colours I chose, I dunno. The bleeding wasn't the when it was black.

I like it alot. :D