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21st May 2002, 04:54
I am not sure where would be the best place to ask this question. can someone here point me in the right direction?

Is there a way to get winamp to display international-text song names? I have a few songs with Japanese filenames and I would love it if I could convince winamp to display the characters correctly.

Anyone have any info? OR are there non-english language versions of winamp hidden on site? I searched but could find no sign of them.

Thanks in advance.

Starla Hotaru no Tenshi

21st May 2002, 16:42
i don't know much about that, coz all of my songs have latin letters.

But there must be some sort of japanese charcode that winap understands.. unicode? :confused:

What you can do is to turn off the text.bmp somewhere in the preferences, so that wa can display foreign characters outside the playlist.

what about these?





damn url parser :rolleyes:

21st May 2002, 17:37
Yes I tried both of those plugins, but they only seem to be effective in displaying Japanese characters if the person's operating system supports Japanese characters. Those two plugins change the menus and the text in winamp but because my version of windows is in the English language, it was unable to display the japanese text... and left me with a lot of "__---___--____" and odd distorted garbled things.

So as of now, there is nothing that just changes the character set of the playlist to support international characters?

Is there another area in which I might ask this question? The Developer's section? Does winamp.com have a section to suggest improvements within the program? or a place to contact the developers of plugins and suggest ideas?

(as you can tell by my "junior member" status, I'm kind of new here... and I apologize for my ignorance...)

Thank you for replying and for your help.

29th May 2002, 05:43
Depending on which OS you have, which i think would be 2k or XP, considering that fact that u stated that you have file names in japanese.

Win2k/XP: You'll need to have your tags written in non-unicode to display the tags. And if you can open Japanese filenamed songs in winamp, then your regional settings must have already been set to Japanese. Or do you mean u have the song names in non-unicode Japanese? (it appears as jargon without additional programs)

Win9x: You can go to www.njstar.com and download a program that will let Windows display Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It even works with unicode characters.

29th May 2002, 06:50
thank you for replying. Yeah I am running windows 98... still back in the stone age...

Coincidentally, I did just download njstar. ha ha. And it solved my winamp problems, but made me desire even more japanese windoze type things. Things like, nihongo instant messaging.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. You and the guy who helped me discover it first both get credit for the good idea. :)

22nd June 2002, 01:11

Component info:
Site info:

An add-on has been made that allows Japanese text appear in Winamp.
I've tested this out on a number of Songs that have Japanese text (double-byte ascii) and they all appear in the Playlist editor, Main Window, and taskbar display.

The only drawback is the ID3 tag editor doesn't display the Japanese text.

Note: When I loaded a skin, the add-on wouldn't work. I reloaded the add-on but it still wouldn't work.

I'm running this in Win98J w/ Winamp 2.8

DDog (Kentucky)