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jacopat 5th September 2005 07:53

your favorite director
right now mine is michel gondry from eternal sunshine, thought his work there was amazing... who is your favorite director at the moment and perhaps tell us why?

Mr Jones 5th September 2005 08:02

Tim Burton has always been a fave of mine, his dark style of directing and darker humor have always appealed to me, we'll forgive him the planet of the apes remake, which was probably his worst movie, but lets rejoice in..

Batman, mmmm, dark, brooding
Batman return, more dark, more dark humor
Edward Scissorhands, a dark love story
Beetlejuice, makes me laugh every time
Ed Wood, quite possibly his best ever
Mars Attacks , Ack ACk ACK!
Sleepy Hollow, fond memories of this film, far to vulgar to repeat in here ;)

Big Fish - not seen yet, on my shelf at home awaiting viewing

Charlie and..., again, not seen yet...

And of course, who can forget, although not directed by Tim, at least written and produced, The Nightmare Before Christmas, quite possibly one of my favourite films ever.

All hail Tim!

rohan_pwln 5th September 2005 09:18

I like Ram Gopal Verma & Steven Spielberg. hmm.... that's all

ElChevelle 5th September 2005 12:49

Big Fish is odd but good, Jonesy.
As a fan of Burton's, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Namelessv1 5th September 2005 18:34

Tim Burton for all the reasons that Mr Jones listed. Tarantino is another favorite of mine.

ElChevelle 5th September 2005 18:41

I also like Robert Rodriguez for Sin City.

jacopat 9th September 2005 15:33

well i have a couple of new ones to check out now as well as revisiting some old directors as well, thanks guys :) ill be at this year's resfest mainly to check out gondry's new film, anyone else going?

madalene 29th September 2005 06:32

My favorite director is also Tim Burton!! I just love his movies Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Big Fish.

Widdykats 25th October 2005 19:07

Darren Aronofsky for Be Excited!!!
Paul Thomas Anderson for

c2R 9th December 2005 18:19

Cohen Brothers Films. I'd have to say.


JaVS_v2.5 12th December 2005 04:01

Aziz M. Osman

Pretty cool.. I'm sure!

Joel 17th December 2005 00:04

Mine are:
Stanley Kubrick
Roman Polanski
Tim Burton

Iranspirit 3rd May 2006 18:09

Jim Jarmusch!
best director

Director Of Dead Man & Ghost Dog

iamsparticus 6th May 2006 08:54

Fernando Merilles, Darren Aronfsky, Peter Mullan and Edgar Wright all good directors aswell as some of the above other people posted like, TB, RR AND QT

deeder7001 7th May 2006 01:39

i don't really have a favorite director but i do like Spielberg films. i like Jerry Bruckheimer produced movies more as they always seem to be a bit better.

Schmeet 7th May 2006 16:32

Guy Ritchie for Lock, stock & two smoking barrels and Snatch.

kane02 1st July 2010 07:33

David Slade

gillcrist32 5th July 2010 09:11

Tim Burton is my favorite director

zarine 26th August 2010 07:31

George Clooney is my favorite director. I watched his movie Up In The Air and i liked it very much. He is a good director and a good actor too. He played the role of Ryan Bingham in this movie. I am a fan of him.

pearlshea 26th August 2010 09:16

Bruce Beresford is my favorite director.

tobbyhot 26th August 2010 09:19

the one and only James Cameron he is always perfect...

robert32 15th December 2010 07:41

David Slade is one of my favorite director and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is my favorite movie directed by him.

polyphasic 16th December 2010 09:08

Tim Burton without any doubts.

openlens 7th April 2012 18:14

my favorite is Tim Burton! I wouldn't say Tim Burton is the best, but that he is the most unique, no one is better at making his sort of films.

johnnyfirday 21st September 2012 07:01

Clint Eastwood from Hollywood and Rohit Shetty from Bollywood ....

erica.lrk 25th September 2012 19:04

David is good.

jimJam 28th September 2012 07:30

Tim Burton
James Cameron
Christopher Nolan

Sharmy 2nd October 2012 09:54

I watch many films but I don't pay attention to the director.

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