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DrO 17th August 2011 15:18

SHOUTcast Site & API Outage [RESOLVED Aug 29]
Currently we are experiencing some backend issues which are resulting in a reduced service on the SHOUTcast Radio Directory and related API services.

Some of the issues are:
  • Stale search results (now playing not updating)
  • API returning old data / stale data
  • Search API not working or returning stale data
  • DNAS connections to the YP work but the stream does not appear in the directory

This issue is being worked on as quickly as possible though an ETA on restored service cannot be provided at the time of this post (will be updated if more information arrives).

- All systems back to normal. Thanks as always for your patience!

- is currently returning minimal or empty results for any queries due to a lack of data available to it.
- and activity in general is working as normal and only api issues are the currently known issues.

- YP connectivity should now be resolved and back to a working state (despite a few glitchs)
- Site issues should now be resolved as well with search results working and station information updating. It is possible there may be a bit of lag still / some actions don't completely respond in a reasonable time e.g. site player / listen.pls may take a few touches to the DNAS to fully respond.

- YP connectivity is currently not working again which is also impacting on site and api results. This is being worked on and has done so since 530AM GMT

UPDATE Aug 25 445PM EST:
- We experienced a database issue which caused the blocking of all YP connections, leading us to stop all YP instances. This has now been rectified though now playing information from v1 DNAS connections will not be used for the time being.

- We have rebuilt the SHOUTcast database and the service is slowly returning to normal. YP shows accurate listener status, now playing data and new stations will start to show up now. There are still lingering service issues that we are addressing, namely slow loading of the site and some pls files not being accurate.

UPDATE Aug 23 130pm EST:
- SHOUTcast Development has stabilized the database and we dont anticipate another API crash at this time. Users are able to tune into stations and use the search functionality normally.
- Additionally, we are still working to address the DB issues that are causing stale metadata and new stations to not appear in YP.
- Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for your patience.

-SHOUTcast Team

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Unstuck thread now that issues with the site and services outage have been resolved.

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