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omeedo 10th March 2012 09:32

Red Flag Songs
I have an idea,

whenever you come across a song/artist/album in your 180GB + media library that you realise you dont like, there should be a red flag button you can press that puts a flag next to the song/artist/album, and when you press the button again it should go away. there should be a tab for red flagged items that stores all red flagged items. from this tab it should be easy to permanently deleted flagged items or to deflag them.

this allows one to clean up their unwanted crap songs on the fly, when a song comes up, without you having to tediously right click and find file location. besides sometimes you change your mind, so if you flag it, you can decide next time you hear that song whether it deserves an execution or not.

just a thought

DrO 10th March 2012 13:13

the nearest there is which blocks playback of 'flagged' songs is but that essentially works via the playlist editor and there's no means to set a button into the Winamp ui to enable it but can be done via drag+drop onto the window or via the playlist editor menu or using alt+x (though i probably should at some point add support for a 'sendto' menu item to do it which covers off library usage).


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