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Re: Shit

Originally posted by Sawg
Output Formats
- Kernel Streaming Output Plugin
According to Microsoft "Kernel Streaming (KS) is a broad term for the services that support kernel-mode processing of streamed data. KS enables efficient real-time streaming for multimedia devices such as sound cards and TV tuner cards." What is important to you is it prevents other devices from outputting to the soundcard during playback. Hydrogen Audio Thread.

- ASIO Output
Audio Stream In/Out. Something to do with multiple channel output on high-end sound cards. So, the page is in Japanese, you don't have to be able to read it to find the download link.
kernel streaming is not supposed to suppress multiple inputs, it's a missing feature in many (?) soundcard drivers

anyway that plugin is alpha and only works on win2k/xp

edit: you can't play files through kernel streaming with samplerates that your soundcard doesn't support because kmixer is bypassed (kmixer resamples that stuff when using directsound/waveout)

both output systems were designed to provide lower latency between playback and output which is important for some music making software but useless for music listening imho
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