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My very favorite plug-in for Winamp (out of the fifty or so that I've tried) is, by far, Winamp [Key]Controller v4.04 (gen_wkc4.dll), by Mikael Halvarsson. I've been using this one for a few months now, and I don't know how I lived without it before.

It's ironic that my favorite plug-in for a media player has nothing to do with actually enabling or improving the media being played. Winamp has always been very easy to use (I've been using it since 2.91 appeared), but with this plug-in ease-of-operation has reached a new peak!

For anyone who's never used it, this plug-in allows extensive configuration of system-level hotkeys for operating Winamp. As long as Winamp is running, your defined hotkeys are active, even if Winamp is minimized and you have twenty other things going at once. The only thing to watch out for is conflicting with hotkeys for other applications. Easy enough in my case...all my Winamp hotkeys are Shift-Ctrl-x (x=hotkey). Since no other app I have uses Shift-Ctrl by default, and since the Shift and Ctrl keys are next to each other on both sides of the keyboard, I can perform any Winamp operation with one hand without even seeing the interface window. I can stop playback, change albums in the playlist, activate shuffle mode, and start playback in less than five seconds without even touching the Winamp skin.

Take all my other plug-ins, but don't take my Key Controller!!!

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