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Playing back iTunes Music Store AAC files in Winamp


about a month ago I had written a plugin to play back iTMS files in Winamp. While the plugin worked great with unprotected AAC files, it wasn't able to decrypt the iTMS files. It turned out that Quicktime, which I used in order to legally decrypt the music on authorized computers, is really crippled on Windows. That's why support for output plugins, visualizations and the equalizer is not possible. :-(

I was really frustrated because of these limitations (which do NOT exist in Quicktime for Mac OS X, by the way) and decided not to release a plugin at all.
In the last weeks I got some emails from Winamp users asking me to release the plugin in spite of the limitations, so I'll attach it here. I hope some people will find it useful.

If you find bugs or have ideas on how to improve the plugin please post them here. Support for equalizers, visualizations and output plugins, though, isn't possible unless Apple decides to release a version of Quicktime for Windows that's on par with the Macintosh version.

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P.S.: I haven't created an installer, just drop the unzipped file into your Winamp plugins folder.

P.P.S.: While I'm absolutely sure that the plugin won't delete your files or something, I cannot take
any responsibility for any bugs the plugin may contain. ;-)
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