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A) I don't want to wait for the cd to arrive--Instant Gratification.
B) I don't care about album art or inserts
C) I haven't had a standard, standalone cd player in use in around three years
D) The first thing I'd do if I got a cd would be to rip it to a format supported by my iPod (and then likely lose or give the disc away)
E) If I want a disc copy of the "protected" files, it only takes ~5 mins to get one. I realize that it won't be quite as high-quality as the original, but neither would the p2p-download tracks I would have burned instead.

The DRM apple uses has had hardly any negative effect on me. The one complaint I had (regarding drm) has been negated with this plugin. I understand that Apple may change their policies and/or code and make this plugin not work; but hey, the record industry is changing their cd policies and making them not work. So...I use what works for me and am satisfied. I acknowledge the limitations, but the advantages are compelling enough for me to buy anyway. When and if that changes for the worse, I'm certain I'll (once again)re-evaluate my method of obtaining new music.

I was away for a while.
But I'm feeling much better now.
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