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Originally posted by CraigF
mmmm, DRM *droool*

If you're gonna purchase music, why not just order the cd?

(obviously avoiding those with copy protection)
There are several reasons:

1.) Ordering CDs takes more time and often you have to buy the whole album to get the song you like.
2.) The great thing about iTunes is that you won't notice the copy protection at all if you're on the Mac. Want to open the file with a sound editor? No problem. Want to use the song in other applications (e.g. your DVD creator)? No problem. Want to burn it with another burning application? No problem. Want to use another player? No problem. Want to convert to .WAV for some reason? No problem. You will only ever notice the protection if you are really going to copy the music to more than 3 computers.
3.) More and more CDs are copy-protected. Here in Germany about 95% of all new CDs already have a copy-protection.

But I have to say that if I lived in the US, so that I could still get most CDs without copy protection, and I was a Windows user, I wouldn't buy songs in the iTMS (or in one of the WMA stores), because on Windows, you really notice the copy protection and that's a pity. (That's why I first decided not to release this plugin at all.)

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