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Originally posted by ThomasW
DJ Egg: The current plugin is only for M4P files. If you or anybody else is interested in a fully featured AAC,MP4 and M4A plugin that is compatible with the M4A tagging standard used by iTunes (unlike the current AAC Winamp plugin), I could release that, too. The only limitation in that plugin is that it does only read the tags and doesn't write/change them. (The current Winamp SDK is obsolete and all those Metatag functions are not documented at all . I guess that will change as soon as Winamp 5 is finally released.)
I would love to have that plug-in. If you could provide a download link that would beyond great. Personally, I can't stand how Winamp5 displays .m4a files. It's pretty much one of the reasons I am still using iTunes and not Winamp5. That and I can't import the .xml library list from iTunes to Winamp5. I really don't want to re-rate all 1,500 songs.

Anyway, yeah a download link would be great.
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