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Originally posted by Gonzotek
Feature Request:
Add .m4b to your supported file extensions. It's the protected apple/audible audiobook filetype, and it seems to be identical to .m4p. I took copies of some of my *.m4b files and renamed them to *.m4p and your plugin worked fine. The only functional difference in these two types of files that I know of is iTunes and the iPod remember the last position you were at when you pause while listening to an m4b(so you don't have to seek around a long book to get back to your spot). The position might be stored in the iPod/iTunes database, not the file, so if you can't support remembering the paused position via Winamp, I'd understand; but that'd be cool too

Have you already looked at the modification date of those m4b files? Does it change when you play one?
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