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Hi Thomas, I just found the threads about your plugins by chance with Google when looking for "m4b audio book", and now I wonder how exactly your plugins work. When I downloaded the attachment in this thread, the zipped EXE installer unpacked an in_tunes.dll, and the older version from Nov 2003 an in_zm4a.dll (probably the one with the memory leak). So these are both the same except for the version number and name, right? Do they use any source code from FAAD2, or is the actual decoding still done through the combination of the Nullsoft in_mp4.dll and in_mp3.dll? Your plugin only plays *.m4p and *.m4b files, and *.m4a files e.g. ripped with Winamp's AAC codec or other apps are also played with Nullsoft's DLLs, if the plugin is not installed?

The reason I'm asking is that I got interested in *.m4b files recently, because they can be encoded with FAAC and any application supporting its command line version, e.g. foobar2000's CLI interface or Audiograbber and CDex. Now I'm looking for players that can decode these files besides iTunes, since foobar2000 cannot do this yet, and the in_mp4.dll neither.
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