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Originally posted by Jeeper One
Hi everyone:

WHY OH WHY do all the REALLY DISHONEST NSV stations out there have to be the ones running PORN?

That said though, in all fairness, people like DLDVS shouldn't really be lumped in with the rest of their so-called "comrades". I'm sure they're taking a hit like everyone else is (except me, who has long since gone the P2P route with StreamerP2P. ).

Just a (admittedly wild, far fetched) thought

Cheers for now
Yeah... I'm also running a few porn streams and I have always went by the rules, and I'm really pissed off with morons like this one popping up millions of bullshit streams...
Anyway, can you tell something more about the StreamerP2P? I have just checked it's site but I'd like to hear your opinions and experiences with it... :-)
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