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Over the last few months, an attacker has been creating listings with the intent to exploit internet explorer on the users machine to install spyware. Until this weekend, their effect has been mitigated by repeated bans.

Recently, they upped their game, using a network of drones (possibly aquired as part of the spyware/malware) they were able to maintain listings of approx. 500-600 streams in the yp, all of which were redirecting to his website which served up the spyware.

The YP became bogged down, requests for stream addresses became subject to flood protection which prevented the ban bot from doing its job, and the problem escalated.

To that end, the YP has been altered to serve up a static 2 stream feed for Internet TV until at least monday when appropriate staff can look at a possible solution, along with the relevent security/legal folk looking at taking down the attacker.

While the attackers stream was advertising as porn, they really had no intention of providing any amount of appropriate content, and the porn listings were only to maximize their "audience".

It is unfair to bundle the legit streamers into the same basket. Many streams have been very amicable with regards to rules and changes to the YP and prove that this system can work.

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