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The name sort of gives it away. Yes there are other archive reader plugins but none i've found properly handle multi-file archives (which p2p networks seem to like )

This plugin is still basic as i post 0.5.0 with basic support for zip and rar achives (using unrar.dll bundled with the installer). It's still alphaware like but it works so that's something.

When you add in the archive it will create a single playlist entry. When you play that entry it will auto add any supported files in the archive into the playlist and will then play the first file (unless shuffle is enabled and then it may go a bit funny for the current version).

Known issues so far:
* Shuffle on can do wierd things when clicking on the root item in the playlist
* Rar achives report 0 valid files in the playlist title even when there are valid files
* Not tested on corrupt/broken archives so anything could currently happen
* Anything else i've forgotten

in_zip v0.6.8.5 | changelog

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