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My only concern with that is n00bs not unchecking "associate with files" or clicking the "select all" button and then finding that Winamp has become the default handler of all .zip and .rar archives. Sure, de-selecting zip & rar in Prefs should fix it and reassociate them with the previous handler . . . but n00bs will be n00bs, and all that, heh.

Re: gaekwad2's issues with in_dshow associated filetypes...
That is most likely caused by the system DirectShow filters not being able to locate the temp files. I've no idea about 3rd-party .la and .wv plugins though, nor in_mpg123 - I guess that must be a problem with those 3rd-party plugins, heh.

The plugin works as good as perfect for zipped mp3, wav, ogg, mod, midi, aac - which will suffice for most people.

Maybe the project should be renamed to in_zip Audio archive support?
Unless DrO comes up with yet another one of his mystical and magical fixes....
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