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Originally posted by DJ Egg
My only concern with that is n00bs not unchecking "associate with files" or clicking the "select all" button and then finding that Winamp has become the default handler of all .zip and .rar archives. Sure, de-selecting zip & rar in Prefs should fix it and reassociate them with the previous handler . . . but n00bs will be n00bs, and all that, heh.
so true, that's why there will be an option at some stage to restrict filetypes being added to that list and also to specifiy what is/isn't allowed like in_mp3, etc do but i totally see the concern on the issue.

with the in_dshow stuff, i think Egg has probably got it since i have to 'adjust' certain api messages and there's a fair chance it's not 100% complete and so it borks (though it may also be possibly due to the video interface but i don't know at the moment )

Maybe the project should be renamed to in_zip Audio archive support?
Unless DrO comes up with yet another one of his mystical and magical fixes....
er, shouldn't that be breaking?? if videos can work then all else should be able to work fine as well so it's not that much of an issue to look into as well as the handling of ml support for the items (useful i think if i can get to do it)

will just have to see what happens with the developmet of this one since now it's working, i no longer need to bundle native support into plex as i was planning to do

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