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Originally posted by DrO
can you give me an example of the url that crashes so i can force test it my end
My test is non-standard because it's using my own input plugin in_vgm accessing files from here. Hence my desire to have it work with URLs.

The behaviour is very alphaware, though. If I don't use it on a local zip first then it displays "<< #W}| >> (Contains 0 valid files)" for the URL.

If I do use it locally first then it crashes when accessing a URL.

This "local" use means just having a zip in the playlist, not actually playing anything from it.

So, I tried it with an MP3 instead of a custom format. There's a file here with a scary DDR MP3 in it to avoid getting leeched too much. If I add the URL to Winamp I get a similar junk string filename. If I play from it locally and then exit, I get an exception in winamp.exe. If I play it locally, or even just add the local zip to the playlist without playing, and then access the URL I either get a 0 file listing or (usually) an exception at 0x00006c28 in in_zip.dll.

In the interests of removing bug possibilities I tested it with the latest WA5.08 and it's exactly the same (unsurprisingly).
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