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Okay, I know I emailed you about my problem/request already, but I figured I'd put it up on this forum topic for others to get some ideas for uses of this plugin.

I have hundreds of songs that take up less than 1k. As such, they are actually wasting space, since the allocation tables aren't small enough to accomodate such a small file. If I was able to store all of these songs into 1 archived file, then drive space could be saved. The other problem is that, to get these files to play, 2 files must be loaded. 1 is the song (it's actually a re-direction thingy), and the other is the song data. For those of you familiar with PSF, USF, or GSF, then you'd know what I'm talking about as the *.xSFLIB files for *.MINIxSF files. Currently, the in_zip plugin can't play those files because the *.xSFLIB file is not found. Is it possible to get in_zip to load these extra files, so that *.MINIxSF songs can play?

DrO: Feel free to answer this, or the email I sent, but please don't waste your time answering on both, unless there was something I asked in the email that wasn't addressed here.

For files to experiment with, go to for Playstation Sound Files, for Ultra (64) Sound Files, or for Gameboy Advance Sound Files. The input plugins for these can be found by following links at the bottom of the above links I mentioned.

I hope that can help improve the functionality and development of this awesome plugin. Thanks again! Mouser X over and out.

[EDIT] It doesn't seem to load the next song in the list when the currently playing archived file is done playing. Perhaps that is a limitation of the format I have compressed?

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