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@ Koopatrooper: You're already using SNESAmp? Well then, that's great! I must fully agree, "SNESAmp, its the best .spc plug-in for Winamp."

@ Koopatrooper: Since you're already using it, what version are you running? Also, have you tried reading a *.rsn file yet? I've stopped decompressing SPCs ever since they were able to read from the archived files (except when I want to add SPCs to my Winamp Media Library, in which case I extract them to a folder that has the same name as the *.RAR file, except it's called [filename].rsn. That way, when I delete the decompressed folder, and I rename the *.RAR to *.rsn, the ML accuratly leads to the SPCs).

@ DrO: (and below)
Okay, that aside, I have a question for DrO. When in_zip is finalized, will it be able to read the tag data, while the file is in the archive? In other words, if I push "Alt+3" on an archived file, will the file info show up, in the final version? It does not currently do this, and I don't see that as a problem, as this is just a "sampler," so to say. I'm just wondering if I can hope for that in the future.

Another question. Any particular reason your M3U strings look like this?:

#EXTINF:75,Megaman 8 - Dr. Light's Lab Theme (Archive)
zip://D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\OC Best cd (audio)\Megaman8_psf.rar,29

What I mean by that is, why does it start with "zip://" and then end with the number? I realize what it's doing. "zip://" means, more or less, that it's being accessed by the in_zip plugin (I assume), and the number is the number of the file in the archive (again, assumed). What I want to know is why it must be loaded this way. The answer is probably too technical for me, but I'd at the very least like to try to see it from your point of view. I ask this because the SNESAmp plugin reads from *.RARs (though they must be renamed to *.rsn to work) as though they're directories, without the prefix, and with out numbers, but by actual file name. Would it be possible for in_zip to ever do this? The reason I ask is actually 2. 1] I think it looks cleaner without the prefix "zip" (not a big deal, I assure you) and 2] I like to be able to see the file names in my playlist, when viewed as text. I have a search program that searches playlist data (not file data, at all!), and if the file name doesn't show up in the playlist, this search utility will probably be less affective than I would hope (again, for the general audience, not a big deal, but for me, I would like that).

Last question. When you load the files into Winamp, it shows only file names. When SNESAmp loads the files, it loads them with the (%artist% - %song name%) in the list. Will the final version of in_zip be able to do that as well, do you think?

Thanks again for you time and effort to address my questions. If an answer is not quick in coming, I'll realize that you're very very busy and that, at this time, answering my questions would not be helpful, as some of those questions fall into the "wait and see" catagory, since you, at this time, might be unsure whether or not you can do the things I asked.

Anyway, good luck, and hope to read an answer soon, whatever that answer may be. Mouser X over and out.
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