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Use filename for metadata if ID tags are Track1 etc + hotkeys

Some of the MP3 files I have don't have sensible ID3 tags. They have Track1, Track2, TrackN as the name of the track and sometimes 'Artist' as the name of artist.

Winamp uses the ID3 tags in preference, and because it considers that the file has got ID3 tags it shows them, even though they are useless (see

However the filenames are good and descriptive, so I think Winamp's metadata reading needs an option like

"show the filename instead of ID3 tags if useless ID3 data is detected"

or even better

"show the filename instead of ID3 tags if ID3 tags match the following regex..."

If there is no chance of this being added to Winamp core, I would be prepared to pay for this to be developed as a plugin.

Also, I absolutely love global hotkeys but I find it very frustrating that "Jump to time" isn't available as one of the hotkey actions. Could this be added? Again, I would be prepared to pay for this as a plugin!
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