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jump to time (ill assume DrO's) so goto him, he does do paypal.

as for the tags, how would winamp ever know what a "good tag" is?

there are two things you can really do until this miracle plugin is made:

1)delete any tag that you dont like
2)replace any tag you dont like

1)if the tag is blank you can use $if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%)) though this would still would be imperfect

2)can i suggest editing your tags using an external tagger, so you dont have this problem. mp3tag is my choice. the godfather is very good as well. both are in my sig.

you can use the media library smart views to really speed along this daunting task. create smart view that looks like: (title has "track") OR (artist has "artist")

something to that effect.

open the view > select all > drag to a previoulsy created playlist.

you can open the playlist file in mp3tag and use the "filename to tag" function. it is very easy to use and it has an undo funtion when you mess up.

both of the mass taggin programs i suggested also can tag your files from off the internet.
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