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Heh ...
Well, this took a long time until I finally got a *.m4? file in my hands. (FWIW, it's Orwell's "1984" audio book in GERMAN version.)

It had a *.m4b ending, but it wasn't assigned. As I'm a guy eager to do some experiments, I did not assign but - just for test! - renamed it to *.m4a - and voilà, it WORKED! (lol)

(BTW: I do NOT have Thomas' plug-in installed but I'm merely using bog-standard winamp 5.08d. )

Well, I can't help it - it just worked.
The reason is simple: it *DID* prove to be a .M4A file, when looking at it with a hex editor:

....ftypM4A....M4A.mp42isom .... etc.

So everybody (especially Hans-Jürgen!), be bothered to just check the file with a hex editor - maybe it's not true .M4B, but simply got a wrong extension!
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