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Originally posted by DoJe
OK I'm not buying my .m4p's from iTunes. I RIPPED THEM FROM WINAMP PRO 5.08e. I selected the MP4 AAC v1.0 selection to rip to from winamp. Does this mean that as WINAMP rips in this format WINAMP then doesn't recognize it?? Should I just be ripping in the RAW AAC v1.0?? Do both of these versions have the same ID3 taggin features? I personally am looking into ripping all new music to .mp4 because isn't it just a better version of .MP3????
This has got nothing to do with iTMS protected M4P files
and therefore you don't even need this plugin.

Winamp supports M4A (MP4 Audio) playback, straight out of the box. That's assuming you didn't uncheck support for it in the installer options, and that in_mp4.dll is present in the winamp\plugins folder.

MP3 and MP4 are two entirely different formats.
MP4 is NOT an updated version of MP3.
MP4 is just a container (like AVI or OGM).
The MP4 container can contain audio (usually aac) and/or audio & video.
MP4 doesn't use ID3 tags, though it does have its own tagging standard.
Raw AAC has no tagging standard, but Winamp uses id3 tags for it, 'cos it can :/

(something like that anyway, heh)

The Nullsoft in_mp4.dll is just a demuxer. This means that all it does is send the files in the MP4/M4A container to the relevant decoder. Winamp's MP4 AAC and Raw AAC Encoders both rip to Dolby lc-aac format, the only difference being that one is raw aac, and the other is raw aac in an mp4/m4a container.
The actual default AAC decoder in Winamp is the Nullsoft in_mp3.dll
So, if you've maybe installed some 3rd-party MP3 Decoder (eg. in_mpg123, in_mp3pro, or in_mad) then it's possible that you've disabled in_mp3.dll and therefore you no longer have any AAC playback support.

If relevant, then your options here are:

1) uninstall the 3rd-party mp3 input plugin, and restore the nullsoft in_mp3.dll

2) keep said 3rd-party mp3 plugin and install the 3rd-party Audiocoding in_mp4.dll.
With Winamp closed, unzip in_mp4.dll to the Winamp\Plugins dir (backup the Nullsoft in_mp4 first), then open Winamp and go to:
Prefs > Plugins > Input > MPEG-4 Player... (in_mp4.dll) > config
and checkmark "use for aac"

impo, MP4/M4A/AAC is badly overrated, and Lame_Enc --alt-preset standard mp3 is still the better option . . . or even better to use Ogg Vorbis or FLAC

The only AAC format I've been impressed with so far is AacPlus, but only from a streaming aspect (ie. high(er) quality at low bitrates).

[Edit --> Dec 2005]
Well, if gameplaya's gonna roll his eyes at me & quote me from 7 months ago (see below), I might as well post an update... I'm actually a lot more impressed with CodingTech's High Bitrate AAC/M4A Encoder, but that's a different story, heh.
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