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Originally posted by drewbar
Well, one of the bundles comes with a 5.1 AAC file from the contest at Tuner2.
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I've got a 4.1 system, and it sounded pretty darn cool! Although I do wonder how he center channel was handled, I suppose it is just mono mixed in the front LR channels.

Originally posted by biggman15
I have a Question... This is the First Time Winamp has Cleared My Playlist when Simply installing over the Top of the old install... And it attempted to Activate some sort of Stream... I of Course Stopped it being on Dial up.... But I did want to ask what this Stream was...
Yeah, it cleared my playlist (it was only a ogg stream.) but I have no idea about the stream.
Perhaps a message upon first run asking if you would like to listen to the demo song, just so we don't get a bunch of pissed people who don't save their playlists, nor do they use the media library.

BTW: the main download page has been updated
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