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Anyone else having problems shutting their PC down while 5.1 is running?

At home on a SP2 XP install with all the latest patches and so on, I run a registered copy of Pro, everything installed by default.

I have the player, not playing any music, just sitting idle, classic skin mode, if I then shut down the PC or reboot it while winamp is still open I get a pop up about some .exe or other not responding or initialising (hard to say exactly what it's saying really as it pops up so quick and then the pc shuts down anyhow)

I thought it might have been my laptop at home so tried it on my 2000 machine at work, running SP4, again same scenario, registered copy of pro, all features installed, classic skin mode.

Shut down on 2000 with winamp still active I get a winamp is not responding dialogue with a end now/cancel option, followed swiftly by a 'instruction cannot be read in 0x0282ed87' error message, again I can't screen grab any of this as the pc is in the middle of shutting down at this point..

Anyone else?
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