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Tim Burton has always been a fave of mine, his dark style of directing and darker humor have always appealed to me, we'll forgive him the planet of the apes remake, which was probably his worst movie, but lets rejoice in..

Batman, mmmm, dark, brooding
Batman return, more dark, more dark humor
Edward Scissorhands, a dark love story
Beetlejuice, makes me laugh every time
Ed Wood, quite possibly his best ever
Mars Attacks , Ack ACk ACK!
Sleepy Hollow, fond memories of this film, far to vulgar to repeat in here

Big Fish - not seen yet, on my shelf at home awaiting viewing

Charlie and..., again, not seen yet...

And of course, who can forget, although not directed by Tim, at least written and produced, The Nightmare Before Christmas, quite possibly one of my favourite films ever.

All hail Tim!
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