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Paths.ini Editor v1.0

This will let you load/save a paths.ini into the specified folder (will default to the last correct Winamp installation folder). Comes with a handy look-up and preview of the paths.ini entries.

To remove an entry from the file then uncheck the relevant line. If when going to save the paths.ini file all lines are disabled then the file will be removed.

Full information break down on the different entries is to come soon and i'll look into adding in a mini backup/transfer mode as the bat file in benski's attachment does to keep things neater

The gui is a bit lame but i'm not too sure how else to display/retrieve what's needed, heh The [...] buttons aren't implemented and i probably need to make this app remember some of it's states between usage but you can load/save a valid paths.ini as it stands

edit: 07/11/2005
Hopefully 0.7a fixes the restricted user issue with the program not loading

edit: 13/11/2005
Uploaded v0.8 which (should) fix the incorrect preview issue oneweb was having. Also added in an overwrite/delete prompt and a few minor tweaks to the layout/handling of the dialog window

edit: 16/06/2010
Updated to request evelation on Vista / Windows 7
Converted tool to be unicode allowing for unicode paths in paths.ini to be edited
Added compacting of paths when changed via the browse for folder buttons
Added handling of %WINAMP_PROGRAM_DIR% and %WINAMP_ROOT_DIR% (depends on the Winamp client used as to how well this will work)
Fixed some minor issues with environment variables not being enumerated correctly
Fixed tool not exiting correctly in all cases
Minor visual tweaks

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