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Originally posted by DJ Egg (7 months ago)
impo, MP4/M4A/AAC is badly overrated, and Lame_Enc --alt-preset standard mp3 is still the better option . . . or even better to use Ogg Vorbis or FLAC

The only AAC format I've been impressed with so far is AacPlus, but only from a streaming aspect (ie. high(er) quality at low bitrates).
aac and mp3 are on par, vorbis is superior.. and you cant compare lossy to lossless (flac)

aac+sbr is good for streaming, i agree there, but its more like decent quality at low bitrates, i dont think 'high quality' is the right description

**downloaded plugin, i cant use it though (aint got no m4p junk), figured i'd just get it while i can
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