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I can actually get latest Media Player Classic (MPC) with QT Alternative to play that sample AMR.

However, I can't get it to play in any of Winamp, Foobar, VLC, WMP, etc.

At a guess, the Nullsoft in_qt plugin would be able to play them, if only there was an option in its (non-existent) config to specify file extensions.

In the meantime, I've been trying to find a compatible DirectShow Filter.
It looks like Dicas Mpegable filter handles amr, but it also handles MP4 and AAC, which is no good for me because there's no option to just use it for amr only (Dicas Mpegable is old and doesn't support newer avc/h.264 mp4, hence the need to use haali splitter and ffdshow for those instead).

I found this:

but aren't sure if I trust it or if it'll even work.... mainly because
1) I also tried their Flash DS Filter recently, and that didn't work whatsover
2) it says "Requires QuickTime 7.0 runtime to be installed" - and there's not a hope of me installing that p.o.s. (plus, other than trying it, there's no way of knowing if it'll work with QT Alt instead), and
3) it doesn't appear to be freeware either, heh.
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