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Originally posted by STanger
I'm so glad that this plugin exists... iTunes 7 sucks it's got the 1GBram-itis like Vista..GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!

<edit>m4p plugin works with iTunes and quicktime 7.13..well it does for me anyways</edit>
a bit off topic here but, I m surprised that people buy Vista at all. Micro$oft is way to greedy and to powerful, to give them even more money for a useless program like Vista. And since this activation key it is really annoying and unfair to costumer. XP is a real stepup compered to 98, which was more of a disaster than a OS. Instead of buying Vista buy a secondhand XP corporate edition, that doesn't need a activation key. very handy and fair use, that is if you really need windows. But a better option would be to try open source o.s based on UNIX/LINUX, if you never used Linux try dsl or dsln very funny small o.s that runs from your CD or memory stick.

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