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When you click the "Clear Media Library" button, and then OK the confirmation,
can you please confirm/clarify the following:

1. main.dat and main.idx in the "Winamp\Plugins\ml" folder are either deleted or reset to 0kb

(note that the location of these files depends on whether you setup Winamp to use shared or separate settings per user - shared is in the install dir, separate is in %appdata%)

2. Do any other files get deleted/zeroed in that folder?

I think it's also meant to delete the albumart cache, if it exists
(art.dat/idx, art_60.dat/idx, art_90.dat/idx, art_120.dat/idx)

I'm not sure if it also deletes the corresponding *.vmd files
(which are just the config files for each individual smart view, eg. columns present, column sizes, filters, panes, etc)
Or whether it deletes the references to those .vmd files in Winamp\Plugins\gen_ml.ini
(eg. query1_meta=met4135.vmd)

The only other issue I can possibly think of is that maybe you've got the TimeRestore & Autoplay plugin set to autoplay (and possibly enabled some of the other settings for that plugin)
but you've wiped the playlist, so it's got nothing to play at startup....

I'm not sure how the TRAP plugin deals with situations like that, or even if it's an issue. Likewise for the Waveform Wrapper.

Please also note that the Essentials Pack isn't officially supported.
We're mainly concerned with the default 5.5 installation without any extra/3rd-party plugins whatsoever.

Of course, if a Winamp build breaks a whole heap (or certain types) of 3rd-party plugins, then it would be a fairly major concern (though I think that in most cases, it's just the odd plugin here and there which needs bringing up to spec to support new winamp features).
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