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Winamp does NOT load embedded art from a different file.
It will only load embedded art from the actual file at hand.

The lookup order criteria/precedence is as follows:

1. Embedded art in the tags of the files

2. %album%.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder (where %album% is the exact name of the Album)

3. An .nfo file with the exact same filename as an image file in the containing folder

4. cover.jpg/png/gif/bmp

5. folder.jpg/png/gif/bmp

6. front.jpg/png/gif/bmp

And that is all.

Therefore, for Winamp to show any art, either in the Artwork tab of File Info (Alt+3), or in the Bento MCV area, or in a ML art view, then one of those conditions MUST exist.

At a guess, maybe you've got Windows configured to hide hidden files & folders (in Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab), and there's a hidden folder.jpg file in the containing folders (WMP10/11 is notorious for doing this).

Hmm, that doesn't sound like the exact same problem to me... similar maybe, but not the same.

What file formats are these files?

MP3, M4A, WMA, other?

What program/editor was used to embed the art?

Have you (both) installed the in_mp3 update patch yet? (see "Winamp 5.5 Released - Patch info Inside" sticky thread at the top of this forum).

If the problem persists, please upload a sample file (with embedded art that Winamp isn't seeing) to either your own webspace, or any of, or, and either post the download link here, or PM it to me.
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