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While putting together sample config files, I discovered a serious infrastructure problem. It seems that YP2 does not exist yet. We have a version running in QA, but there is not one accessible from the outside.

Because of the new security model and data flow in YP2, any sc_serv that is configured as public and using YP2 will not serve up it's streams even if the configuration is correct.

You can still use the new server in regular YP mode, just omit the "yp2=1" line from the config. This mode, however, has restrictions.

1) You cannot serve multiple streams from a single entity. Well, you can.... but the information in YP will be all confused
2) You cannot use the streampath keyword in your config. Again, this concept cannot be represented in YP.

If you want to play with the new features for your own amusement, you still can, just set yp2=1 and publicserver=never, however your stuff won't show up under YP.

Now, to answer the obvious followup question "when will the YP2 infrastructure be done", I can't answer that. It's not being done by anyone in my group, department, city or country.

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