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HEY! I figured it out! (or maybe someone else did first and I didn't read about it)

My problem even with this new version was that AVS refused to stay fullscreen more than a second or two.

My solution is to tell the computer to automatically disable Windows Aero each time I open Winamp. This works on my version of windows (7 Ultimate x64). I'm hoping other Aero versions of 7 and Vista have the same ability.

1.) Right click on the shortcut that one uses to open Winamp.
2.) Click properties.
3.) Click the compatibility tab.
4.) Click/check the "Disable desktop composition" checkbox.
5.) Click the Apply button.
6.) Click ok.

As a result of this procedure, Aero will automatically become disabled when you open winamp, but will also automatically re-enable itself each time you exit Winamp. While Winamp runs without Aero, AVS works very well just like on XP, if not better.

Thanks again for releasing "Cockos Happy AVS"!

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