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Shuffle Implemented Incorrectly

Winamp for PC shuffles playlists by shuffling the whole playlist and then allowing you to traverse it. This means that when you go back to hear a song, you don't lose your forward history. This is the way it should be, which is why Apple implemented shuffle the exact same way in their iPod. If you want to generate a new shuffle list, you manually start playing a new song by selecting a new song in the list.

Winamp for Android does shuffle the WRONG way, the same way the default android music app does it. It creates a pool of "unheard songs" and then builds a list of songs as you go. There is no problem with this except it FORGETS songs when you go to the previous song.

This is extremely annoying. I was hoping Winamp would be the one player to get this right, since it got it right on the PC so many years ago.

There need be only one change: do not forget songs in the list when user clicks "previous" in shuffle mode.
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