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here is a big list of all the pertinent bugs i have reported, altho only recent threads start with "BUG" the others are bugs too:

crazy artwork behavior when rating files

tracks missing when untagged and album art selected (screenshots missing due to winamp site messup, not me!)

BUG: erroneous exclusion in artwork

crash when running multiple instance

and below is related:

DrO, Koopa, bug? something else?

BUG: can't remove APE tags in "view file info" (Egg confirmed, but is it fixed?)

BUG: bookmarks save crappily (DrO says this is fixed?)

sorting albums triangle upside down in artwork view (so simple, why not fix it?!?!)

BUG: id3v1 tags added when they shouldn't be

BUG: rating lost from ML DB

diacritics not properly ignored/sorted

punctuation not ignored in ML search

Incorrect Album Artist Total

BUG: alt+3 works different in different situations

winamp crashes if the ML gets too big? too many files? why?

arrow keys don't work right in ML

Trailing spaces... not a bug?

History entries lost if Winamp not closed normally

midi file playback bug/weirdness?


don't miss my requests in my sig, and let me add that album art lookup truly sux, and needs big time improvement (like VA art eg), and that a user should be able to specify album art icon size if they want to in prefs, and that a user should be able to do a large icon view where NO text is seen, which is how the mockup is done on your homepage, (with bigger than possible art btw, and "dashboard" still showing).

don't get me wrong guys, i love winamp! just trying to make it better!

BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing
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