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Originally Posted by jldaureil View Post
That work as a client but NOT a server
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! this Pluginn calls "UPnP MediaServer ControlPoint plug-in"
NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! "UPnP MediaServer plug-in"

I use Winamp since 1999 - Winamp is my prefered Media-Player.

Nowadays there are so many opportunities to run a UPNP streaming server on the network.
Since XP with WMP11, there is the possibility of media data on the network to make available, as a service.
Constantly running locally established, central memory, (NAS, WHS, Router, etc.) with media streaming capabilities, gaining in popularity.

It would be important if Winamp finally gets access to this media-service.
Media server functionality is not (never) necessary for a Player/client
like Winamp.

harry from berlin
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