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to mynameisnobody

NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! "UPnP MediaServer/DLNA plug-in"
Use WMP as DLNA-Server (or TwonkyMedia Server; Wild Media Server; FreeNAS/FUPPES, TVersity, etc.)

make only ONE place (PC(Server)/NAS or equal), store all your Media-Files (playlist) in!

Share(SMB) / stream(UPNP(DLNA)) to all other WMC/WMP/PS3/TV(DLNA)/Media-Straming-Clients(Asus O!Play, Sonos Zp 90 ZonePlayer, etc.).

Winamp may got this feature soon, if this plugin here comes real.

Sync Handys/MP3-Player and all other from only ONE Storage.
It is much easier to manage and maintain the various media data in a central location.

to siam6606

...waiting impatient online

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