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Hey guys,

I made the DX11 clone of Milkdrop 2.
Fun to see it mentioned here, without I even told anyone about my hobby project

But my project is currently on hold, I'm busy with other stuff, I hope I can continue with it on the end of the year.
But it took me a very long time to reverse engineer Milkdrop 2. And the current code is still very unstable and very dirty, so it has no use to share it with other developers.

The biggest negative point is that it takes a few seconds to switch from 1 preset to another. This is because my equation solver uses directcompute shaders, and they all need to be compiled while loading a new preset. And this takes a long time (few seconds)

My original plan was to convert it for Mac OS X, with GLSL (ati has an opensource project to convert HLSL to GLSL shaders). But that is still so much work. And then I wanted to extend it, to add 3D stuff and to make more use of the parallel power of the GPU.

My project was originally based on Project-M (, but that project gives a lot of wrong results, a lot of bugs and things different than MilkDrop pffff, so I did a total rewrite.

Uploaded with

So yeah, don't expect a for example MD3 from me soon
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