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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
raw aac files don't support tagging, though people have probably tried putting ID3 tags on them or something like that. the only viable way would be having it as a m4a file (which then comes back to the other part that you're bumping).
ah, right. ok, so for tagging, aac = mp4/m4a. gtk.

just fyi, afaict, 0-100 is the range twonky uses for the %rate% atom/frame

i would really like to be able to add ratings to the tags of those kinds of files.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
wma should be following whatever it is that MS has decided for it - am sure that was all implemented when the main feature support as added in.

well, i only have a handful, but i rated some and they do seem to write to the tag. i do view file info and on the advanced tab (which u can't edit) i see:

WM/SharedUserRating 99

which seems to equal 5 stars, if indeed that is the correct frame. i just wanted to verify this is correct, and know what range its using... my guess is it mimics WMP, but 99 seemed unusual to me.

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