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Bug with HE-AAC Playback

Bug with HE-AAC Playback

Version: Winamp 5.623
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 and SP3
Clean install

Today I noticed that in Winamp 5.623, when playing back a raw MPEG-2 AAC stream file (.aac) which is encoded in HE-AAC, the display of the Sample Rate and Profile in the file info box wrongly states that it is an LC-AAC file with only the half sample rate.

The "resulting" sample rate (i.e. double the LC sample rate, by means of Spectral Band Replication) is not displayed.

In fact, the file is decoded properly WITH SBR layer and the effective output Sample Rate is also displayed as current Sample Rate in Winamp's Main Window.

Please see the attached screenshot which will make it more clear.

In the info dialog, it says "Profile: LC, 22050 Hz", when it should really say "Profile: HE, 44100 Hz" (or "22050 Hz + SBR -> 44100 Hz" or something the like).


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