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Holy shit that was awesome! I wish that would have happened when I was in college.

Stormy is great at getting mice. She's a very talented hunter. She also gets moles, chipmunks, squirrels, shrews, and the babies of groundhogs, possoms, racoons, muskrats, and rabbits. She just creeps on her belly extremely slowly and then pounces for the catch and eventual neck-snapping murder.

We were outside doing a happy-hour thing, watching her with anticipation and got a good entertaining view of one of her less successful hunts. The time between the first and last pictures was 18 minutes, although she had been creeping quite a while before and a few minutes after when the rabbit finally realized it was very close to a premature death and got the hell out of there. Cats can't run as fast as healthy adult rabbits, but she was almost in the position where she didn't have to run at all to make the kill. She gave chase, but the rabbit was too fast. She was within about 3 feet at last pic, but as close as a foot when the rabbit took off.

We were a long way away so that we wouldn't interrupt, and I was using the camera handheld at long zoom, so I apologize about the shitty quality.

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