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ClassicPro v2.00 (05/12/2012)

ClassicPro v2.00 beta
released 4 December 2012

Download the ClassicPro plugin

ClassicPro is a plugin for Winamp that allows you to use cPro skins in Winamp. cPro skins is basically pre-coded Modern skins.

ClassicPro use a single-user-interface (SUI). Think of it as a cross between Modern & Classic skinning. Since ClassicPro 2 a new layout was added to the plugin (cPro2 skins).
Creating a cPro skin is easier than creating a Classic Winamp skin. Remember to publish your cPro skins in the new SUI section!

Download ClassicPro Skins & Widgets:

Almost all of the ClassicPro stuff can be found here:
- SUI skins section
- cPro skins section
- Widgets for ClassicPro


Download the ClassicPro Skinners Manual or have a look at some of the other cPro skins out there. (must still be updated for cPro2!)
You can also create widgets if you know how to code maki and use xml. See the ClassicPro site for more info.

XUI Object:

If you want to create your own layout you can grab the new <ClassicPro2:SUI/> xui object and create your own custom skin with a single user interface.
Download cPro2 - XUI example skin here
PS: Using this xui object will also skin your generic windows, notifier and about screen to save you time.

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