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You can edit paths.ini in the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp folder to point to the location of the database & settings dir.

The default setting is:


which is: %appdata%\winamp

so when travelling, you can change it to X:\Path\To\WinampSettingsDir

However, you would then need to rescan the ML to remove the NAS database and add the USB database.

Another (and probably better) solution would be to just create a new/separate shortcut icon to open Winamp with the USB database loaded instead of the (default) NAS database.

Right-click in the folder containing winamp.exe on the USB drive, select: New > Shortcut

The command line should be something like:

winamp.exe /INIDIR="Path\To\WinampSettingsDir"

(if the shortcut isn't made in the same dir as winamp.exe then you would also need to include the full path to winamp.exe & inside quotes)
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