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Winamp 5.7 Open Beta #5 is now available.

Beta 4 Build 3364 to Beta 5 Build 3367 changelog

* Updated: [png] libpng v1.5.15

- Installer tweaks
- Make sure nxlite.dll is installed with all components that require it
- Make sure ombrowser.w5s is installed with cloud components/plugins
- Create autoplayhandlers (audio/video/mp3 cd) under all supported OSes (weren't being created for Win8)
- Exclude thinktink's in_bpopus & in_bpxfade plugins from the dll rebaser/optimizer
- OS not supported message now also appears for Win2k (sorry) (Official min req'd sys specs: OS = WinXP and higher)

- Preserve location of Prefs dialog

- Fixed broken(?) GetPro & Recover Reg Key url's

- [ml_playlists] Crash fix

- [gen_ml] Fixed drawing glitch when the rating or cloud icons are the left-most column in media views

- [ml_local] Moved the known (i.e. ref'd in gen_ml.ini) .vmd files from plugins\ml to plugins\ml\views

- [ml_local/ml_cloud] Fixed crash issues when reading/editing metadata

- [cloud] various revision/mediahash/metadata tweaks

- [ml_cloud] db nuke bump - please wait for "first pull completed" message

- [enc_fhgaac] Write encoder version & setting to @too atom (tool) in mp4 metadata

- [gen_crasher] Tidied up the Prefs layout & made smtp port configurable

- [gen_hotkeys] Fixed "Enabled" toggle in settings

- Various crash fixes from error reports

- Various other tweaks/fixes
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